Food for Life and IFCO Partnership Takes a Bite Out of Food Waste and Hunger in Ontario, Canada, Communities

Thu. December 12th, 2019 - by Kayla Webb

TAMPA, FL - A partnership was struck between Food for Life, a food rescue organization, and IFCO, as both seek to give food to those in need. Food for Life noted that since IFCO donated 5,000 of its Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs), the amount of food donations from retailers has increased.

Dan Martin, President, IFCO North America“We are proud to support Food for Life in its mission to rescue food and combat food insecurity by providing meals to those in need,” said Dan Martin, President of IFCO North America. “It is a natural partnership for us because we share the goal of stamping-out food insecurity and reaching a zero-waste food supply chain in Canada and globally.”

IFCO is in full support of Food for Life’s mission to rescue good food that would otherwise be sent to a landfill and share it with both nonprofits and neighborhood food programs. According to a press release, Food for Life impacts the lives of more than 55,000 people each month.

 Graham Hill, Executive Director, Food for Life“We can’t thank IFCO enough for its generosity in donating its RPCs,” said Graham Hill, Food for Life Executive Director. “IFCO’s containers make our operation more efficient from beginning to end—making it easier for companies to get us their donations and easier for us to get rescued food to those in need. The impact has been tremendous and that is why we call IFCO RPCs ‘little agents of change.’”

The charity rescues approximately 4.2 million pounds of good food annually (85 percent of it is fresh food). As part of its commitment to the communities it serves, IFCO agreed to donate the use of its RPCs all the way through the Food for Life supply chain, eliminating the need for packaging transfers.

Food for Life noted that since IFCO donated 5,000 of its Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs), the amount of food donations from retailers has increased

“This partnership fundamentally impacts our ability to move food in the most sustainable way possible and also reduces damage to food during additional distribution,” remarked Hill. “The results were amazing. Retailers found it easier to donate food, resulting in donation increases of food and more meals served in local communities. In addition, Food for Life saw a sharp increase in efficiency within its operation due to the standardization and stacking ability of the RPCs.”

The collaboration has also generated impressive sustainability returns. The use of IFCO RPCs reduced food waste within the food rescue operation is reducing the need to use and dispose of cardboard boxes used for shipping and handling.

“IFCO RPCs have been a game-changer for us and they will be a permanent part of what we do moving forward. I hope this partnership also inspires others to do the same thing,” concluded Hill.

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