Fowler Packing's Sean Nelsen Discusses its Citrus and Grape Programs Ahead of Southern Exposure

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Mon. February 10th, 2020 - by Kayla Webb

FRESNO, CA - In the produce industry, any trade show event quickly becomes an opportunity to showcase our very best. This month’s Southern Exposure is no exception, and Fowler Packing is rearing and ready to go to make this SEPC event one to remember all thanks to a couple of strategic, and exciting, launches.

I chatted with Sean Nelsen, VP of Sales and Marketing, to get the lowdown on all that the grower will be highlighting at one of February’s preeminent events.

Sean Nelsen, VP of Sales and Marketing, Fowler Packing“We are looking forward to attending the SEPC to connect with our partners who have made this season such a memorable one in our history with the launch of Peelz,” Sean began. “This show offers us a great opportunity to engage our customers and share the progress we’ve made within our citrus sales plans as well as begin the summer grape planning process.”

Despite Peelz’s recent launch, the mandarin brand is already finding its place in shoppers’ carts. Sean noted that more consumers are asking for Peelz by name at Fowler Packing’s retail partner locations. In response, the grower is currently shipping its Tango/Murcotts varieities, which are bursting with flavor and available through May.

After recently shaking up the citrus category with the launch of its Peelz brand, Fowler Packing continues to innovate across both citrus and grape categories

“In addition to mandarins, we are also excited to launch our Samsons™ table grape display for the upcoming season. It is important to create an experience for consumers with California grapes, and we’ve developed high-impact displays to help do so,” Sean continued.

The Samsons grape program, known for delivering on quality every time, features conventional, organic, and premium varieties, which helps Fowler Packing meet its customers’ needs. Another way the grower is meeting the needs of the industry is by innovating its packaging options.

Fowler Packing’s premium grape program includes innovative new packaging for key varieties

“Fowler is also introducing SKU specific packaging for our premium grape line to include Sorbet, Jack Salute’s, and Sweet Sapphires. We are committed to making this summer the strongest grape season yet,” Sean concluded.

As Fowler Packing aims to drive growth in the citrus and grape categories—a goal that seems easily accomplishable with its latest plans—AndNowUKnow will continue to follow along with our industry’s movers and shakers.

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