Fox Packaging Partners with HarvestMark

Wed. September 3rd, 2014
- by Christofer Oberst     

REDWOOD CITY, CA - YottaMark, provider of HarvestMark, is partnering with Fox Packaging to bring its innovative packaging technology to the company’s mesh bags.

HarvestMark Connect codes provide growers with information on product performance and helps improve supply chain efficiencies, while also giving shoppers rich, relevant, and timely content through their mobile phones. This content includes grower profiles, recipes, selection tips, storage and preparation ideas, nutrition information, food safety notifications, and more, according to a press release.

“We looked at several technologies and found that the HarvestMark solution was the most capable, trusted, and suitable for our customers’ needs,” said Keith Fox, President of Fox Packaging. “Growers don’t want to hire a Web team and build software. Our partnership with HarvestMark means our customers can focus on what they do best: bringing great quality, fresh produce to shoppers.”

“The HarvestMark platform is becoming a powerful tool that helps our customers sell more and drive shopper loyalty,” said Elliot Grant, HarvestMark Founder and CTO. “Companies are also taking advantage of the HarvestMark decision-support tools’ ability to capture shopper activity and turn it into actionable insights.”

Technology like HarvestMark’s Connect codes are making it easier for companies in the industry to better engage with consumers. We congratulate Fox Packaging and HarvestMark on this successful partnership.

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