Fox Packaging's Keith Fox, Lucas Fox, and Victoria Lopez Discuss New Fox Fresh VertiMesh

Mon. January 11th, 2021
- by Anne Allen     

MCALLEN, TX - Fox Packaging has long illuminated the many recyclable options within the industry. The company works tirelessly to ensure its solutions remain top of mind for both consumers and buyers alike. Its latest innovation, the Fox Fresh VertiMesh, delivers on increased demand for packaging solutions. To learn more, I spoke with Fox Packaging’s Keith Fox, Lucas Fox, and Victoria Lopez.

Keith Fox, President, Fox Packaging“In announcing our Fox Fresh VertiMesh, we look to serve our customers by supplying them with recyclable material that they can run on their equipment. This material format was specifically designed for Vertical Form, Fill, Seal equipment and will be available in Fox Fresh Mesh and Polyethylene materials,” commented Keith, President. “There is immense pressure within the packaging industry as a result of COVID-19, and our operations have been trusted with increased order volumes which we are diligently managing production to deliver orders on-time. While the impacts have been ongoing, our team has continued their innovative endeavors in filling our customer’s packaging needs, and for that, we are proud and continue looking into tomorrow for gaps in which flexible packaging can offer a solution.”

Part of Fox Packaging’s success lends itself to working alongside its customers and seeing where their specific packaging needs lie.

Fox Packaging's latest innovation, the Fox Fresh VertiMesh, delivers on increased demand for packaging solutions

As Lucas, Director of Operations, remarked, this is all part of the company culture.

Lucas Fox, Director of Operations, Fox Packaging“Innovation is truly inspired by an attentive ear. Packaging must be functional; communication and marketing cannot be done without modern design, attractive colors, informative messaging, or responsible materials, but ultimately, we ask: Does this application compliment the distribution chain in a value-added way that is appropriate for automation, streamlines packing operations, and is it ideal for fresh produce? This is how our team approaches innovative development and design,” Lucas explained.

He also noted that the design of the Fox Fresh VertiMesh bag was made possible by a collaboration within the company, as the teams of product development and engineering worked closely with Fox Solutions and the executive team to ensure that the mechanical performance of the materials would translate to the automation requirements of this packaging style.

Victoria Lopez, Marketing, Fox Packaging“Addressing the sustainable features of our products is important to us. Our Fox Fresh VertiMesh bag offers a recyclable alternative to comparable single-use bags,” Victoria, in charge of the company’s Marketing team, concluded.

As we settle in for the new year, it’s important to have innovative supply-side partners like Fox Packaging on your side.

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