Foxy's Tom Nunes Explains BroccoLeaf in this 90 Second Video

Tue. March 17th, 2015
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

SALINAS, CA - Foxy Fresh Produce’s Vice President of Operations, Tom Nunes, goes into how the company discovered a new organic veggie option that has been staring growers in the face for generations: BroccoLeaf.

As we previously reported, this is a new find in the leafy category. But seeing is believing.

In the 90 second video below, walk with Tom Nunes as he details how the company decided to try this part of the plant as a juice or a raw snack.

“It’s grown no differently than broccoli,” Nunes explains. “We pick it when it’s young and tender, and we bring the leaves of the same plant to market.”

To see not only the market but also the consumer benefits, check out the video.

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