Frank Donio’s Lauren Del Rosario Participates in PMA Emerging Leaders 2016

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Thu. March 10th, 2016
- by Jessica Donnel     

HAMMONTON, NJ - The future of produce might be in our midst—on March 6, 2016, Frank Donio, Inc.’s Lauren Del Rosario traveled to Glendale, AZ, to participate in the PMA Emerging Leaders Program. Run by the newly rebranded “Center for Growing Talent,” PMA’s program accepts those with a high potential to occupy leadership roles throughout the produce and floral industries. 

Lauren Del Rosario, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Frank Donio Inc.“The caliber of participants in this program has created a highly-charged educational environment where I am able to push my knowledge and experience to a new level,” Del Rosario shares about her experiences in AZ.

For the company, Del Rosario is currently tasked with dynamic sales, marketing, and business development roles. After being one of two recipients of the “Tip Murphy Scholarship for Leadership Excellence” in 2015, a scholarship that recognizes promising industry individuals, Frank Donio Inc. says her acceptance into the Emerging Leaders Program was no surprise. 

David Arena, the company’s President said, “We are proud that Lauren is continuing her growth not only for the value it adds to our company, but to foster her personal development within the industry as well.”

From left to right: Annie Pape, David Arena, Robert Donio, Lauren Del Rosario

According to a press release, during Del Rosario five-day intensive learning program she was able to hone her skills, add valuable knowledge and make connections, on top of her already 10-year wealth of industry experience. 

“This would not be possible without the Center for Growing Talent’s Tip Murphy Scholarship,” continues Del Rosario. “I am humbled to be awarded this honor and greatly value the opportunities it allows at this stage in my career.”

This wont be the last you hear from Del Rosario either. The company says her completion of the Emerging Leaders Program and receipt of the “Tip Murphy Scholarship for Leadership Excellence” are just small pieces of her continued journey in the produce industry.

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