Good Foods Selected as "2020 Refrigerated Foods Processor of the Year"

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Wed. January 22nd, 2020 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WI - Freshness just earned accolades across departments, with Good Foods being named “2020 Refrigerated Foods Processor of the Year” by Refrigerated & Frozen Foods.

Kurt Penn, Founder and CEO, Good Foods“We’re so proud of the work we do at Good Foods and are honored to be recognized by the ‘2020 Refrigerated Foods Processor of the Year’ award,” said Founder and CEO Kurt Penn. “Our company is passionate about providing fresh, quality products, and we work diligently to display that passion through our innovative processes.”

The honor was awarded to Good Foods on behalf of its leadership in year-over-year growth, packaging, food safety, new product development, and plant expansions, according to a press release.

The 2020 Refrigerated Foods Processor of the Year award was given to Good Foods due to its exponential growth, new offerings, and expansions

Penn himself believed in High Pressure Processing’s (HPP) potential, starting Good Foods with the goal of delivering quality, fresh food to consumers. HPP utilizes the power of water to maximize nutrition while eliminating harmful pathogens, and has helped the company create a successful, clean line of dips, guacamoles, and salad dressings without using chemicals, preservatives, or artificial colors and flavors.

Danyel O’Connor, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Good Foods“At Good Foods, we’re dedicated to our mission of easing the minds and lives of consumers looking for simple, safe, and delicious foods,” said Danyel O’Connor, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We take the extra time and effort to do things the right way so our customers have complete trust in our products.”

Beyond this mission, Good Foods works to increase its sustainable, eco-friendly packaging to create more options for suppliers and customers. The company said that, in addition to HPP technology, it has implemented additional practices to ensure the company remains on the cutting-edge of food safety, sustainability, and innovation.

Congratulations to Mr. Penn and the Good Foods team on this newest title!

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