Gwillimdale Farms' Courtney Walker Discusses CPMA Debut of Gwilly’s Second Best Lineup

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Fri. April 19th, 2024 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

BRADFORD, ONTARIO, CANADA - Authenticity is certainly a buzzword of the day. I would go one step further in suggesting that consumers—particularly the younger millennials and those falling in Gen Z—want brands that “keep it real.” Beyond the enthusiasm of the authentic message, they crave the grit of the unfiltered. A desire that aligns perfectly with Gwillimdale Farms’ new Gwilly’s Second Best lineup debuting at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s (CPMA) expo on April 23–25.

Courtney Walker, Marketing Manager, Gwillimdale Farms

“At this year’s CPMA, Gwillimdale Farms is excited to be featuring a new line of #2 potatoes—Gwilly’s Second Best,” Courtney Walker, Marketing Manager, shares. “Our goal is to help reduce food waste and make imperfect produce acceptable at retail. Gwillimdale Farms aims to convey its commitment to providing high-quality produce, its dedication to sustainability, and its ability to consistently deliver fresh and innovative products that meet the needs of retail buyers and consumers.”

A reliable root vegetable grower, packer, and shipper willing to collaborate with retailers to meet specific requirements and market demands, Courtney explained that the company’s grade 2 potatoes not only further its commitment to sustainability, but are just as delicious as Gwilly’s Best potatoes with a visual twist.

Keeping sustainability at the forefront, Gwillimdale Farms is debuting its new Gwilly’s Second Best lineup at CPMA 2024

Coming to your shelves in fun misshapen forms and maybe with a few minor “beauty marks,” the offering brings shoppers closer to the realities of nature and the farm that connects them to it.

Gwillimdale has invested in technologies and equipment to divert edible food with slight blemishes and bring Gwilly’s Second Best to consumers in a healthy, cost-effective, better-for-the-environment product.

The line aims to reduce food waste and make imperfect produce acceptable at retail

My favorite way Courtney clarifies the offering is as Gwillimdale’s silver medal line-up—completely natural and still worth a podium.

Attendees at this year’s CPMA can also get a glimpse of Gwillimdale in an exciting new product showcase with a QR Code on where to find the team behind this dynamic offering. It’s the perfect gateway as you make the trip to booth #831.