Hapco Farms Bolsters Broccoli Program With Indiana Crop; Eric Scannelli Comments

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Tue. May 21st, 2024 - by Peggy Packer

WESTHAMPTON, NY - Expanded acreage is upping Hapco Farms’ prowess in the broccoli category. Strengthening its growing network to offer a steady flow of product, the supplier expanded its broccoli acreage with new acreage in Indiana and is now shipping crowns and bunches from the region.

Eric Scannelli, Senior Vice President, Hapco Farms
Eric Scannelli, Senior Vice President, Hapco Farms

“We are always looking for ways to provide broccoli domestically at good rates for our customers year-round. Growing more acreage in the United States allows us to better plan and monitor our crops. With this additional acreage we can continue to get the product from the farm to the customer within 48 hours,” said Eric Scannelli, Senior Vice President at Hapco Farms. “The Midwest has farmable land at reasonable costs and we are excited to be growing in this part of the country.”

Hapco will begin harvesting its Indiana acreage this week, right ahead of the start of its Maine broccoli summer crop. As a press release explained, the company’s broccoli crops move from Georgia and South Carolina in April and May to Indiana in late May through the end of June, followed by Maine from July through October, providing a steady flow of product.

Strengthening its growing network to ensure a steady flow of product, Hapco Farms expanded its broccoli program with new acreage in Indiana

Over the years, Hapco has expanded its broccoli acreage to Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and now Indiana. In the last few years alone, the company has tripled its broccoli acreage and is now among the largest suppliers of broccoli on the East Coast.

“Proactively finding more land to grow on and meeting with grower partners has been a primary mission for us these last few years, not just with broccoli but with berries, carrots, and onions to name a few,” Scannelli added. “We are always looking ahead and anticipating our customers' needs.”

Be sure to tap into the supplier’s steady supply as summer demand ramps up!