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Mon. August 13th, 2018 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

CHICAGO, IL - Hazel Technologies is rising to meet increasing international demand, announcing a new partnership with Dominican Republic-based AMR Agroone of the country’s largest green-skin avocado packer and exporters.

Aidan Mouat, CEO and Co-Founder, Hazel Technologies

“International interest in Hazel Technologies products has increased faster than anticipated,” said Aidan Mouat, CEO and Co-Founder of Hazel Technologies. “We look forward to building our relationship with AMR Agro and continuing to build traction in the United States and Latin America in the coming months.”

The partnership will initially focus on one of Hazel’s most recent innovations in post-harvest quality technology: Hazel® Avocado, a small packaging insert that is placed in the box during packing to reduce respiration rate and increase resistance to ethylene. The result, according to a press release, is longer fruit shelf-life and a higher-quality presentation following shipping.

AMR Agro is one of the Dominican Republic's largest green-skin avocado packer and exporters

The company explained that after successful commercial trials with Hazel® Avocado, AMR has adapted its use across a variety of its export programs from the Dominican Republic in order to maintain excellent-quality products with minimal waste during transport.

Raul Reyes, General Manager, AMR Agro

“Over the past decade, AMR Agro has grown to be a premier packer and exporter of agricultural products from the Dominican Republic,” said Raul Reyes, General Manager at AMR Agro, which was originally founded in 2007 and now exports to international markets including the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Spain, Holland, France, and the U.K. “Through our dedicated partnerships and investments in new, proven technologies, such as Hazel® Avocado, we are able to provide higher quality fruit to our customers, increase profits, and reduce waste.”

The 8th in global avocado production as recently as 2011, the Dominican Republic is reportedly now 2nd globally in total production by volume, behind Mexico.

In the past year, more than 100 fresh produce shippers have partnered with Hazel®, including DFI Marketing for use with melons, and Agritrade Farms for use with okra.

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