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Fri. June 7th, 2019 - by Alexis Schreiber

ELGIN, MN - Honeybear Brands is aiming to support local retailers by driving consumer trial and purchase of Pazazz! The company is working to sponsor community events that will offer family fun events, 5Ks, and fundraisers nationwide in its latest brand campaign.

Don Roper, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Honeybear Brands“We’re having an enormous amount of fun in markets all over the country right now,” said Don Roper, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “Our brand campaign this year is about how Life is Best Lived with Pazazz so we’re putting our apples where our, or rather, people's mouths are. That means sampling Pazazz to race finishers and to moms and dads and their kids who are out in their communities having a great time or supporting a local cause. It’s amazing to hear their feedback too about Pazazz, and of course, help local retailers by driving awareness of this special apple on their doorsteps.”

According to a press release, Honeybear Brands has worked to support the following events: Girls on the Run events in Portland, Oregon, Kansas City, and Des Moines; Run to Remember for the families of fallen police officers in Chicago; a series of events in the Twin Cities including Art-A-Whirl, helping promote the work of local artists; the Twin Cities Kids Fun Run; the Cystic Fibrosis Walk in St. Paul, Minnesota; and the Living History Farms Trail Run in Des Moines, Iowa.

Participants at events with samples and branded marketing are also encouraged to “share their Pazazz” via posts and tag the brand on social media

Upcoming events include Move for Kids in Chicago; the Walnut Creek Food and Wines Festival; the Stroke and Stride events in Boulder, Colorado; the Father’s Day 5K and Run for the Door 5K in Denver; and the Danville July 4th fireworks celebration, which attracts 40,000 people.

Kristi Harris, Brand Manager, Pazazz“Of course we continue to market Pazazz nationally,” said Kristi Harris, Brand Manager, Pazazz. “But where we can, we’re really bringing Pazazz to the people – customers who enjoy active lifestyles and fresh, healthy snacks. If we can do that and provide hyper-localized awareness around our retailer partner locations plus support a great cause in the community, then everyone is winning.”

On Pazazz social media channels, event support in locations includes premium, fresh Pazazz apples in graphic, branded packaging, as well as eye-catching POS signage and promotion. All are intended to support an effort to make new fans of the fruit by trial and product tastings. Participants at events are also encouraged to “share their Pazazz” via posts and tag the brand on social media.

In its newest marketing effort, Honeybear Brands is working to sponsor community events that will offer family fun events, 5Ks, and fundraisers nationwide in its latest brand campaign

The initiative is part of Honeybear’s focus on supporting retail markets. It follows a program of social media promotions, including high- engagement, relevant, and fun ads served to consumers on their Facebook and Instagram feeds. The highly visible ads are cheerful in nature and were timed around holidays and trending topics like sports playoffs, Maria Kondo-style decluttering, the premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and even the popular Insta Egg post.

In order to create buzz nationally, Honeybear partnered with top influencers, chefs, nutritionists, and foodies. These social media folks will help create local-twists on apple-centric dishes for winter and the holidays, as well as healthy spring eating and Keto diet recipes. Recipes promoted Pazazz in-market to drive consumer awareness and traffic to retail store locations.

Some of the markets include:

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Portland, OR
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Columbus, OH
  • Cincinnati
  • Minneapolis
  • Kansas City
  • Detroit
  • Tampa, FL

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