IFCO Donates RPCs to Meals on Wheels, Assisting in More Than 100K Meals Donated a Year

Thu. November 12th, 2015 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

PORTLAND, OR - Global Reusable Plastic Container (RPC) distributor IFCO is helping to ensure that low-income, nutritionally at-risk families are receiving healthy, safely stored food with the donation of 185 RPCs to the Meals on Wheels People’s Meals 4 Kids program.

Daniel Walsh, President, IFCO North America“IFCO is all about the efficient delivery of food,” Daniel Walsh, President of IFCO North America, said, according to a release, adding that the company is committed to providing solutions that make the communities it serves better places to live. “We appreciate the work Meals on Wheels People does and are thrilled to partner with them to help alleviate hunger, particularly with the Meals 4 Kids program. We are equally thrilled that our donation has enabled Meals on Wheels People to run a more sustainable operation by eliminating corrugate boxes from their system.”

Volunteers as they make the rounds with Meals on Wheels People. (Photo Source: Hook SEO)

The donation will allow the team over at Meals on Wheels People to pack and deliver more than 3,000 meals weekly to those who need them in North and Southeast Portland. Ultimately this adds up to more than 100,000 meals a year.

Suzanne Washington, Executive Director for Meals, Wheels People“The RPCs have made a huge impact on our program,” Suzanne Washington, Executive Director for Meals on Wheels People, said. “We had been using cardboard boxes, which were not only smaller, but did not hold up well and could not be washed. The new containers do not conduct heat, making them great for transporting cold and frozen items, they nest well, hold more product, and can be washed daily. We are extremely grateful to IFCO for donating the RPCs.”

Meals on Wheels People volunteers deliver meals three days a week, catering to children, families, and older adults that would not otherwise have access to healthy food.

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