Jimmy Coppola of Westmoreland-TopLine Farms Introduces Organic Tomatoes on the Vine and Organic Grape Tomatoes

Fri. May 6th, 2016 - by Jessica Donnel

LEAMINGTON, ON - Westmoreland-TopLine Farms is once again building upon its product lines, this time taking on the growing category of organics by announcing two new products—Organic Tomatoes on the Vine and Organic Grape Tomatoes.

Jimmy Coppola, Account Marketing Manager, Westmoreland-TopLine FarmsJimmy Coppola, the company’s Account Marketing Manager, took the time to tell me about venturing into this new territory, and why the company decided to take on its first locally grown Greenhouse Organic tomatoes.

“The Organic Tomatoes on the Vine and Organic Grape Tomatoes are our first two items we’re growing organically in our Canadian-located greenhouses,” Jimmy tells me about the new products. “We chose to make the move into organics as we see demand increasing in this category. Because innovation is important to Westmoreland and our Premium TopLine Farms brand, we are continuously trialling new varieties to find the next big flavor and bring more variety to our customers.”

On top of carrying the certified organic distinction, Westmoreland-TopLine Farms is providing these new products in fully compostable packaging—a move Jimmy tells me is part of the company’s overall commitment to preserving the environment.

“Changing the packaging from plastic to compostable fiber was a given,” Jimmy continues. “Any leftover fruit waste can now be added to your compost, packaging and all, without the worry of harming the environment. We are trying to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint with the reduction of plastics within our product line.”

And within that packaging, Jimmy tells me it's important to note that the new Organic Tomatoes on the Vine and Organic Grape Tomatoes are grown and certified 100 percent organic. Done within high-tech greenhouses, Jimmy says Westmoreland-TopLine Farms is looking to build upon the organic momentum this launch is providing them. Expect the company to increase its organic offerings to include bell peppers, cucumbers, mini cucumbers, and more as demand continues to grow.

As Westmoreland-TopLine Farms keeps moving the needle towards organic production and green initiatives, keep returning to your favorite produce industry news source for more.

Westmoreland/TopLine Farms