JV Smith Companies Uses Social Media to Share to Detail Operations

Thu. September 1st, 2016
- by Jordan Okumura     

YUMA, AZ - JV Smith Companies has taken a different, more personal approach to social media to show people the behind-the-scenes of the industry.

With more consumers wanting to know more about food production, from field to table, the company has asked its planters, tractor drivers, irrigators, harvesters, office staff... the entire team to share their insights through stories, photographs, and videos.

Vic Smith, CEO, JV Smith Companies

"We know we have amazing employees that work very hard and love what they do," said CEO Vic Smith in a press release. "What we weren't sure of was whether they would want to participate in this outreach plan and help us share both the JV story and the broader agriculture story with millions of people."

Although the project is voluntary, several JV Smith Companies staff have decided to partake in the campaign by sharing new ideas, engaging how they can help, and submitting several different photos.

"They make me proud to have such a great group of people working together in pursuing our mission and furthering our values," said Smith.

You can see more of this fun approach to transparency by visiting the company’s Facebook here.

JV Smith Companies