Katy Johnson Discusses Strong Bell Pepper Market and Prime Time International’s Current Harvest

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Wed. August 17th, 2022 - by Lilian Diep

LA QUINTA, CA - Bell peppers are a staple in my household and for many shoppers due to their incredible versatility across culinary worlds. From grilling to baking, dicing to slicing, bell peppers are a category that maintains a spot on shoppers’ lists. So with a strong market on the radar, I turned to Prime Time International’s Katy Johnson to see how the grower is progressing this season.

Katy Johnson, Purchasing and Marketing Manager, Prime Time International“Currently, we are seeing a fairly strong bell pepper market,” the Purchasing and Marketing Manager updates me on the California harvest. “We are anticipating promotional volume opportunities and great quality for our partners on the horizon.”

Right now, Prime Time is hitting its stride on the Central Coast of California in Ventura County. The supplier is bringing in red, yellow, green, and mini bell peppers, which provides a rainbow of eating occasions to the table.

Weather currently in the Golden State has been exceptionally warm; however, these bells are enjoying the heat. The warm, coastal weather that is typical of Californian summers allows these bell peppers to thrive, making for great quality and volume overall. Additionally, Katy tells me that the warm, but mild, temperatures are extending the season with quality product.

Prime Time International is hitting its stride on its bell pepper season in Ventura County, anticipating promotional volume opportunities and great quality for its partners

“We just finished harvesting in our Bakersfield ranches, and our packing facility in Oxnard is running at full capacity. Some of our finest peppers are harvested during this time of year from the Oxnard area,” says Katy. “Supplies will be consistent in this growing region for the next few months before it tapers off in the fall and our transition to Mexico begins.”

Sounds like we will be enjoying exception bells for a while this season! Continue following ANUK as we report on the latest market and harvest updates.

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