Keystone Fruit Marketing Partners With Cowart Farms to Sell Vidalia®'s Sugar Sweets™; Lisa Fetterhoff Tells All

Fri. March 25th, 2022 - by Peggy Packer

GREENCASTLE, PA - Keystone Fruit Marketing is preparing buyers for spring and summer success in the sweet onion category. The division of Progressive Produce is utilizing its long-term partnership with Cowart Farms to grant a significant boost to the sector with a beloved variety.

Lisa Fetterhoff, Director of Operations, Keystone Fruit Marketing “At Keystone Fruit Marketing...we are known for our year-round sweet onion program,” said Director of Operations Lisa Fetterhoff in a recent press release. “The Vidalia® onion is an integral part of that program, and we are anxious to get started with this sweet and versatile favorite hailing from the south.”

To bring a bevy of sweet onions to store shelves this spring and summer, Keystone has strengthened its partnership with Cowart Farms, and will be selling its Vidalia’s Sugar Sweets™.

Keystone Fruit Marketing is utilizing its long-term partnership with Cowart Farms to grant a significant boost to the sweet onion sector with a beloved variety, Sugar Sweets™

A decades-long partner of Keystone, the Cowarts are fourth-generation family farmers. The company is vertically integrated from seed to shelf, according to the release, and uses sustainable business practices while recognizing the importance of applying leading technology to enhance and guarantee sweetness of this coveted offering. With a state-of-the-art drying and curing facility, the company is able to provide extended shelf-life on its Sugar Sweets.

“The Vidalia sweet is known for its flat shape, high sugar content, and low sulfur content,” noted Fetterhoff. “Initially an accident, the Vidalia turned out to be the sweetest accident in the industry! And it is now considered America’s favorite sweet onion. This famous treat is hand-planted and harvested each season and is only available in spring and summer.”

Pictured are Anthony and Jimmy Cowart of Cowart Farms, which is partnering with Keystone Fruit Marketing for the Vidalia® onion season

Vidalia season is kicking off a little earlier than previous years, and Keystone is reporting a good-looking crop and anticipating a normal year, despite challenges with labor, logistics, and freight rates. Keystone ships Vidalia onions throughout the United States and Canada.

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