Keystone Potato Products Announces Expansion into Fresh-Cut Potato Products; Michael Pechart, Dave Masser, and Lela Reichart Discuss

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Tue. July 12th, 2022 - by Chandler James

SACRAMENTO, PA - With a vast network of potato growing aces, Fresh Solutions Network wields impressive expertise in the popular category. Further capitalizing on its mastery of the category, Masser Family of Companies recently announced a new website for Hegins, Pennsylvania-based Keystone Potato Products. The new website seeks to demonstrate Keystone’s sustainability processes and products, with a heightened focus on the supplier’s fresh-cut potatoes.

Michael Pechart, Chief Operating Officer, The Masser Family of Companies“Keystone continues to offer fine dehydrated potato products, but the future in Keystone is fresh-cut potato products for both retail and foodservice markets,” Michael Pechart, Chief Operating Officer of The Masser Family of Companies, commented.

As stated in a recent company release, the Masser family and other Keystone Potato product shareholders and Board Members invested in capital equipment to advance the provider’s fresh-cut capabilities, providing convenience for its customers and playing a key role in the growth of the potato category at the retail and foodservice levels.

Dave Masser, President, Sterman Masser Farms“Since potatoes are already washed, peeled, and cut into the most popular shapes for use in popular side and main dishes, fresh-cut potatoes max out the convenience quotient for consumers,” noted Dave Masser, President of Sterman Masser Farms. “The foodservice industry has recognized the benefits, as fresh-cut streamlines line prep and delivers consistent-sized potato cuts for better plate coverage, planning, and budgeting.”

The engaging new website highlights the innovation of this product, targeting restaurants, food manufacturers, and commercial/institutional foodservice companies.

The Masser Family of Companies recently announced a new website for Hegins, Pennsylvania-based Keystone Potato Products, which places a heightened focus on the supplier’s fresh-cut potatoes

Keystone partnered with a tech-enabled digital marketing company, WebFX, to create the new website, which has already generated sales leads with over 50 companies in the United States and five other countries, as Pechart explained.

Lela Reichart, Vice President of Strategic Development, The Masser Family of Companies“The new and improved website provides Keystone Potato products with an affordable sales presence that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” added Lela Reichart, Masser Family’s Vice President of Strategic Development. “The site is designed to engage potential customers, create sales opportunities with qualified leads, and generate returns for shareholders.”

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