Kingdom Fresh Farms Embraces Sustainability

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Thu. February 21st, 2019 - by Maggie Mead

DONNA, TX - Kingdom Fresh Farms has gone green—and not for St. Patrick’s Day. Just in time for the next peak season, the grower has completed the installation of the last set of solar panels on its northern Mexico facility.

Jaime Garcia, General Manager, Kingdom Fresh“We are happy to go greener as we’ve always been committed with having sustainable practices to reduce our environmental impact,” said Jaime Garcia, General Manager, in a press release. “Having this new set of solar panels will help us fulfill our energy needs while we significantly reduce our carbon footprint.”

This is not the first time the grower has invested in more sustainable energy sources. Starting in 2013, the grower has been continuously looking to implement greener energy programs, with the new set of solar panels as the company's fourth foray into environmentally-friendly energy sources.

Kingdom Fresh has installed the last set of solar panels on their northern Mexico facility

“We’re definitely thrilled,” said Garcia. “This fourth stage of panels will more than double our energy generation capacity being able to produce more kilowatts. This means we will be able to fulfill up 90% of all our packing and office electricity needs. Translated into CO2 emissions, our panels will produce the same energy that 96 houses need yearly or sequester the same carbon 363 acres of forests in a year.”

Well done, Kingdom Fresh!

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