Kingdom Fresh's Jaime García Gives an Exclusive Update on the Squash Market

Thu. January 14th, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

DONNA, TX - The new year is officially underway, and so is squash season for Kingdom Fresh Produce. With a wide array of offerings ranging from zucchini to eggplants, the grower is seeing abundant volumes and excellent quality. I sat down with General Manager Jaime García and got the inside scoop on how the season is moving along and what can be anticipated as the crops hit the market.

Jaime García, General Manager, Kingdom Fresh Produce“The squash crops have been abundant for the last month or so, having good yields so far with excellent quality. The weather has not been an issue and we expect to continue having very nice weather,” explains Jaime.

As Jaime goes on to tell me, because Kingdom Fresh’s zucchini and yellow squash are being grown hydroponically in greenhouses, the grower can provide greater volume and better quality in smaller areas. This method has been a success for the company as it is taking advantage of its existing infrastructure and has efficiently improved crop rotation to create stronger yields.

Kingdom Fresh Produce offers a one-stop shop solution to its retail partners, making it easier for buyers to consolidate orders and minimize logistical hiccups

“Zucchini has been a promotional item the past few weeks, but now the market has gotten a bit tight,” says Jaime. “At the end of January, we will see new crops come in and the market should follow its yearly trend. Yellow squash has also been a bit tight too, but more volume is coming along.”

In terms of pricing, Jaime tells me that zucchini and yellow squash—which are coming from the Sinaloa and Sonora regions—were sitting within the typical price range for the season; however, zucchini prices have recently increased to the higher end. Cold fronts have been forecasted within the last few weeks of January, which could also lead to a high market, but only time and Mother Nature will tell.

 Kingdom Fresh Produce’s squash crops have been abundant for the past month, bringing good yields and excellent quality

As the squash season continues forward, Jaime explains that Kingdom Fresh is working to keep sales strong and make buyers’ jobs more streamlined by offering its zucchini and yellow squash together with its eggplant, green bell peppers, cucumbers, and its entire tomato line. By offering all of these products together, Kingdom Fresh is making it easier for buyers to consolidate orders and minimize logistical hiccups.

How will the rest of the squash season play out? Keep a tab open for AndNowUKnow as we keep you updated on that and all other fresh produce news.

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