Legend Produce Predicts Excellent Quality Melons as It Transitions to Yuma

Wed. October 11th, 2017
- by Jessica Donnel     

YUMA, AZ – As the weather begins to cool down in the San Joaquin Valley, Legend Produce’s transition to its Arizona fall melon crop is starting to heat up. The company continues to ship good volume of high-quality melons out of Mendota, CA as the Westside winds down, before all the focus switches to Arizona’s October 10th start date.

Legend Produce cantaloupe

“Looking ahead, we will have an excellent fall season over the next 6 weeks from Yuma, Arizona, with exceptional quality and flavor,” says Barry Zwillinger of Legend Produce. He also tells me that the company’s projections for the season are right on target, with the forecasts predicting perfect weather conditions for the final leg of the domestic cantaloupe season. With experience farming in Yuma for over twenty years, Barry says Legend Produce is once again expecting the fall season to produce the same excellent melons as seen in seasons past. “We will have good volume on larger sizes out of the desert that will showcase the high-quality, sweet flavors, and fragrant aromas which our varieties are best known for,” says Barry.  

Legend Produce cantaloupe

Throughout all four seasons–whether it’s domestic or import–Legend Produce says its focus always remains on the customer. The goal is to build loyalty by consistently sending the best eating fruit on every order to ensure the end consumer gets something they enjoy. “A satisfied customer is a returning customer,” says Barry. “Customers know good fruit, and if they eat a sweet, juicy, flavorful cantaloupe, they will come back to buy more. If we as a company remain focused on the end customer by growing and choosing only the best seed varieties, everyone wins."

With plans to finish off the fall season strong, get your orders in for Legend’s excellent quality melons by contacting the sales office at 623-298-3782. As the company's slogan says, “The Legend Continues.”

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