LGS Specialty Sales Adds Grapefruit to Citrus Offerings; James Rasmussen Details

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Mon. August 28th, 2023 - by Anne Allen

NEW ROCHELLE, NY - While we slowly make our way into the autumnal months, the produce department begins to change. As seasonal summer commodities slowly exit, the attention spins back around to imported citrus. With a new grapefruit program and insights into its Mandarin season, LGS Specialty Sales helps its retail partners prepare for top-notch citrus sets. James Rasmussen, Sales and Category Manager, walks me through it.

James Rasmussen, Sales and Category Manager, LGS Specialty Sales“Grapefruit is a new program for us this year,” James told me. “We’ve seen great external and internal color and sizing on the grapefruit so far. Customers have been really pleased with the feedback they are getting from the end consumer. There will be promotable volume for our customers throughout the season.”

In addition to expanding its product portfolio, LGS Sales is making sure its other offerings are ready to go to market.

LGS Specialty Sales has expanded its capabilities to include a new grapefruit program, and it already is seeing great external and internal color and sizing on the grapefruit so far

“LGS will have a plentiful supply of the Mandarins from now through Thanksgiving, promoting the W. Murcott variety through the holiday will leave a great taste in your customers’ mouths,” James assured me. “Our Mandarins come from South America, Chile, and Peru to ensure an abundance of fruit all season long.”

LGS will then go seamlessly into Mandarins from Morocco for the winter months.

LGS Specialty Sales noted that there will be promotable grapefruit volume for customers throughout the season

Not only does LGS import grapefruit and Mandarins this time of year, but also lemons, Cara Cara Navels, Minneola tangelos, Navel oranges, and avocados. Call LGS for your citrus and avocado needs, as there is still plenty of time to promote these great items.

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