Limoneira Company Announces 2024 Catch the Citrus Wave™ Campaign; Susan Jones-Ng Details

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Fri. May 17th, 2024 - by Anne Allen

SANTA PAULA, CA - Limoneira’s Catch the Citrus Wave™ campaign pulls your shoppers into the best parts of summer! Its vivacious lineup embodies the exhilaration of a day at the ballpark, featuring vibrant citrus characters that will have your customers ready to swing for the fences in citrus purchases.

Susan Jones-Ng, Director of Global Sales and Citrus Marketing, Limoneira Company
Susan Jones-Ng, Director of Global Sales, Limoneira Company

"This season, organic and Meyer lemons join the roster, adding an extra zing to the sun-soaked vibe alongside our zesty classic lemon, lime, orange, and Mandarin selections," said Susan Jones-Ng, Director of Global Sales.

According to Limoneira, consumers will be able to teleport to a tropical paradise with its dynamic packaging, showcasing its funky citrus characters. Each pack boasts a playful design celebrating the diversity of its lineup and capturing the vibrant energy of all things summer. Infusing fun and vitality into your store’s produce section, the innovative approach serves as a beacon of freshness and excitement. Plus, with a convenient QR code, your shoppers can connect to Catch the Citrus Wave landing pages for recipes, games, coloring activities, and sustainability initiatives.

Limoneira Company is rolling out its Catch the Citrus Wave™ campaign for summer

This summer, your shoppers can find Limoneira in the dugout through a sponsorship the Santa Paula Girls Softball because, Limoneira shared in a press release, citrus and women empowerment make for as winning a combination as a well-executed double play.

Running May through August, Catch the Citrus Wave makes citrus shopping a breeze, ensuring a blast of fun while your customers shop.

Be sure to stock Limoneira this summer as your customers will be attracted by the fun, bold packaging.