Lipman Produce Adds Popular Attributes of Crimson Queen to All Varieties

Tue. October 11th, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura

IMMOKALEE, FL – Bringing further innovation to the tomato category, Lipman Produce has announced that it is extending the popularity of its Crimson Queen by adding the tomato's most popular attributes to all its tomato varieties. In tandem with this announcement, the company is launching the "Crimson Campaign" to highlight this advancement.

Darren Micelle, Chief Operating Officer, Lipman Produce

“Our customers love the Crimson Queen, which is our largest-volume fresh market product,” said Darren Micelle, Chief Operating Officer for Lipman. “Because of Crimson’s popularity with our clients, as well as the benefits of lycopene, we decided to add the characteristics into all of our tomatoes.” 

Lipman stated in a press release that all of the company’s varieties will be infused with the deep color which gives the Crimson Queen its rich hue. This characteristic also raises the levels of lycopene in tomatoes, which also boasts health benefits, increases flavor, and extends shelf-life.

Crimson Queen

The company is able to undergo this task because of its robust research and development team, Micelle asserted. This team constantly analyzes feedback from customers and consumers, and subsequently develops products in order to meet their needs.

The addition of these attributes to the company’s round, roma, grape, and heirloom tomatoes will be further aided by the launch of the “Crimson Campaign,” kicking off at PMA Fresh Summit. The campaign will further position the company as “The Crimson Tomato People,” and highlight the announcement through web pages, ads, grapics, and packaging

Crimson Queen

Learn more about the “Crimson Campaign” and the newly-extended Crimson varieties at Lipman Produce’s booth #2155 this weekend.

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