Locus Traxx Worldwide Teams Up with Mayer Security and Traceability

Fri. May 22nd, 2015 - by Christofer Oberst

JUPITER, FL - Locus Traxx Worldwide and Mayer Security and Traceability are partnering together to provide advanced technology, including the Locus Traxx GO platform, for the 7P Security Program.

7P Security, created by Mayer Security, helps companies meet the requirements for C-TPAT (Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) with best practices that expedite processing in customs, according to a press release. Companies that utilize the 7P Security program, such as Del Campo, Cargill, Giumarra Companies, Casa Ley, and more, can thus “fast track” through check points.

David Benjamin, CEO of Locus Traxx Worldwide, offered his compliments to Luis Mayer, President of Mayer Security and Traceability, and Mayer’s team, for utilizing the Locus Traxx GO platform in this manner.

David Benjamin, CEO, Locus Traxx Worldwide“The time is right for advanced IoT (Internet of Things) products, like the Locus Traxx GO platform, to have a major impact on the agricultural and transportation industries and it’s all about Locus Traxx developing Big Data on the supply chain,” said Benjamin. “I’m proud to say we helped in some small way to usher in the future for supply chain interactions.”

The new Locus Traxx GO products provide real-time temperature and location data to its users.

“Integrating with the Locus Traxx GO platform was critical to providing real-time information to our clients,” said Mayer. “Now, leading companies have a clear path to take advantage of expedited border crossing and maintain control over their products.”

The Mexican Military is currently completing a new “Fast Track Lane” from Querobabi, just outside of Hermosillo, to Nogales, Arizona, due to the success of programs such as 7P Security.

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