Love Beets Honored With Cutting Edge Solution Award by Sysco; George Shropshire and Chris Horrell Comment

Wed. November 8th, 2017 - by Jessica Donnel

HOUSTON, TX - Sysco has spoken, and the word is, Love Beets is among the best of the best. At its annual Supplier Excellence Awards event in Houston, Texas, Sysco selected Love Beets as its Cutting Edge Solution award honoree, paying homage to the company’s strong ability in product development.

Chris Horrell, Director of Sales, Love Beets“Love Beets strives for new and innovative ways to appeal to customers. A team of creative minds constantly pushes the envelope with improvements ranging from new packaging to new products,” said Chris Horrell, Director of Sales. “Our customers are the root of our success, and we continuously make a large effort to make sure they are happy with the products.”

Love Beets Honored With Cutting Edge Solution Award by Sysco

According to a press release, this focus on product development and innovation were key factors in being selected by Sysco. The foodservice giant noted that Love Beet’s 500 gram vacuum-sealed beet offering both appealed to its vision and exceeded its expectations.

George Shropshire, General Manager, Love Beets“At Love Beets two of our core values are quality and convenience,” explained stated George Shropshire, General Manager. “We are always looking for inimitable and unmatched ways to distinguish our products and supply our customers with the best beets, presented in the most inventive ways. We are honored to accept this Cutting Edge Solution Award from Sysco, who we hold in a high regard.”

Leaving the event with both honor and inspiration, the Love Beets team assured that this high-level of originality will continue for the company into 2018. Noting new products on the horizon, as well as more opportunities of all types, Love Beets is a company dedicated to keeping beet lovers happy, especially key, produce-centric players such as Sysco, through quality, convenience, taste, and health.

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