Maglio Companies' Jeff Stachelek Details Innovative Mango Cheeks, Pineapple Spears, and Cold-Pressed Juice Line

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Mon. November 21st, 2022 - by Peggy Packer

MILWAUKEE, WI - Tropical and refreshing were the two words on my mind when Maglio Companies recently pulled back the curtain on some of its latest product innovations. The provider is upping the appeal of the produce department even further with its Mango Cheeks and Pineapple Spears, as well as a flavorful and nutritious cold-pressed juice line.

Jeff Stachelek, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Maglio Companies“We are very excited to be able to offer our Mango Cheeks and Pineapple Spears in a variety of packs to satisfy each usage occasion,” shares Jeff Stachelek, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Maglio has its own ripening rooms on site, and we ripen the mangos to deliver peak texture and flavor nearly packages feature an easy-to-open, peelable film that keeps oxygen out, allowing us to provide extended shelf-life on these products.”

Not only do these products boast exceptional flavor and a longer shelf-life, but they minimize the preparation required to enjoy mangos and pineapples, opening the category to more time-saving occasions. Maglio offers foodservice, club, and retail boxes of Mango Cheeks and Pineapple Spears.

In an effort to draw consumers to the produce department, Maglio Companies has put innovation at the forefront with the launch of its new Mango Cheeks and Pineapple Spears

Maglio Companies is also uplifting produce departments with its new line of cold-pressed juice products—Cape J, Functional Lemon, and Limeades—which began shipping this past summer. All with a 150-day shelf-life, this line of products can ship anywhere.

“Maglio continues to innovate in the cold-pressed beverage arena. Healthy Roots has been our core brand that started it all in 2016, and we have continued to improve upon our process with new squeezing, filling, and bottling equipment,” Jeff adds. “These juices not only taste great, but they benefit your body in so many ways. And the sweetness and tartness of our Lemonades will remind you of your favorite childhood memories!”

Maglio Companies is also uplifting produce departments with its new line of cold-pressed juice products

Promoting these items is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the help of Maglio, as the supplier will be supporting its retail partners with a full promotional calendar featuring social media programs and contests, as well as demos.

Call up the Maglio team and get to building a program that truly maximizes the potential of the produce department! For more industry updates, keep reading ANUK.

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