Mann Packing Co. Partners With Mezete To Debut Hummus Lineup; Pablo Rivero Details

Thu. March 24th, 2022 - by Peggy Packer

CORAL GABLES, FL - Mann Packing is bringing a new lineup of Eastern Mediterranean offerings to its shoppers as it taps into demand for new flavors and global cuisine. The Fresh Del Monte Produce subsidiary recently forged a new alliance with ready-to-eat food brand Mezete, through which it will debut a delicious portfolio of hummus products nationwide.

Pablo Rivero, Vice President of Marketing, North America, Fresh Del Monte Produce“The Mann Packing Co. team is very excited to partner with Mezete to offer authentic, Eastern Mediterranean products to our customers nationwide,” explained Pablo Rivero, Vice President Marketing, North America, Fresh Del Monte Produce. “We believe the Mezete brand coincides with our core values by offering natural, convenient, and high-quality products at an affordable price, without added preservatives. This new partnership will help incorporate more delicious, cross-cultural cuisine into our consumers’ daily lives, and we encourage our shoppers to pick up a package at their local 7-Eleven and enjoy today.”

This enticing lineup includes five signature flavors: Sundried Tomatoes, Zesty Mixed Herbs, Fire Roasted Red Pepper, Red Hot Chili, and Classic Authentic Recipe. By optimizing this new alliance, Mann Packing will work to bring product awareness to Mezete’s new hummus arrivals to revolutionize packaged foods and provide nutrition, taste, and convenience to its consumers, as explained in a press release.

Mann Packing partnered with Mezete to bring a new delicious line of hummus products to 7-Eleven locations nationwide

The company’s On the Go Hummus packs are currently available at select 7-Eleven stores in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia in the Classic Authentic Recipe and Fire Roasted Red Pepper flavors.

Mezete proudly boasts natural products that are not only ready-to-eat but are long-lasting, do not require refrigeration, and contain only natural ingredients with no preservatives. After two decades of extensive research and development, the Mezete brand successfully created a hummus with an 18-month shelf-life without the use of preservatives.

Mann Packing is working to bring product awareness to Mezete’s hummus, which boasts an 18-month shelf-life, is ready to eat, and contains only natural ingredients with no preservatives

Bringing even more benefits, this offering serves as a perfect complement to many items found within the produce department, thus inspiring purchases and driving overall basket share.

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