Megan Shanley of Shanley Farms Discusses Citriburst Finger Lime Pearl Launch

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Fri. July 29th, 2016 - by Eva Roethler

MORRO BAY, CA - Shanley Farms is right around the corner from marketing en masse the latest product in its innovative lineup, Citriburst Finger Lime Pearls. After putting the finishing touches on its brand new processing facility, a converted barn on the flagship Morro Bay ranch, Shanley Farms is positioned to launch high volumes of the packaged pearls in the 2016 season.

The Citriburst Finger Lime Pearls product takes the bursting, juicy pulp from the Citriburst Finger Limes and puts it into 25g and 100g jars for easy use by the consumer.

When asked about the eating experience, Megan Shanley, Director of Sales and Marketing for Shanley Farms, said, “It’s been compared to a lemon-lime grapefruit when you crunch into the pearls. They vary in color depending on the growing area. So, what we have coming out of the coast tends to be a little more pink and champagne colored, and the pearls coming out of the central valley are a little bit more green.”

Megan Shanley sees the pearls gaining traction in both retail and foodservice settings. The fastest application to trend has been pairing with seafood; such as on top of oysters, fish tacos, or salmon. However, Megan predicts that they will quickly take off for use in desserts and cocktails. Mixologists will find that they add texture to drinks, and add visual appeal as the pearls “dance” in carbonation. Megan noted, “Shanley Farms has a lot of work to do. Our goal is to team up with different bars to start developing cocktails, and get the word out that way.”

In retail, Shanley Farms has a partner dedicated to putting the Citriburst Finger Lime Pearls on ice in the seafood section. In the future, Megan sees the pearls appearing as toppings on desserts like yogurt or tarts, and adding variety to the selection in salad bars. Shanley Farms plans on launching an aggressive sampling program to help consumers understand applications for the citrusy pearls.

The path to launch has been a journey through uncharted territory for Shanley Farms. As we reported previously, there was no existing equipment to process this unique product. The company needed to develop the technology for citrus pearl extraction, and is excited to bring the product to market. The limes are grown from operations in Visalia, Morro Bay, Cayucos, Cambria, and Goleta. Shanley Farms recently teamed up with Trinity Fruit Sales, working closely to bring the product line to its customer base. 

When discussing the Shanley Farms dedication to innovation, Megan remarked with a smile, “We’ve got lots of exciting new items in the pipeline for the next few years.”

Shanley Farms will be showcasing the Citriburst Finger Lime Pearls alongside its Morro Bay Avocados, a premium late season variety, and the available-year-round GatorEggs at PMA Foodservice in booth #424.  

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