Melissa's Picks for PMA's 2016 Fresh Summit

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Wed. October 19th, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

ORLANDO, FL - This year’s PMA Fresh Summit challenged the industry to innovate and inspire, and as far as I could tell, industry members answered the call in spades. So many items, labels, and packages stood out, and here are a few I want to ensure everyone else gets a chance to see as well:

WestPak’s AvoMonsters

Messaging to children in a way that is cute but not alienating is a tough line to walk, and I think this newly-launched brand does the trick. Not only does it, in the purest form, put a face to the fruit, but once this hits the shelves I can imagine kids will be seeing monster eyes in the seeds of their avocados.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods’ New Celery and Blue Cheese Cups

I’m a football fan, so I couldn’t help being drawn to the goal post balloons at Duda’s booth. But while I might have come for the decorations, I stayed for the blue cheese. This latest flavor not only tickles the taste buds, but entices consumers with the the chance to win tickets to The Big Game, which returns to the Lone Star State and NRG Stadium in Houston, TX, on Feb. 5, 2017. Definitely a snack of choice for tailgaters!

Earthcycle™ Moulded Fibre Top Sealable Packaging

Sustainability and a Top Seal offering are both hot trends in the industry, and this particular pack comes with a rumored 20% boost in sales. Not only does it offer the quality and quantity, the graphics are colorful and fun, managing to message while still giving you a clear view of the product itself. What’s not to love?

Pure Flavor® Mini Munchies

So I seem to have a soft spot for packaging that may or may not be geared for the generation succeeding mine. But can you blame me when you look at this packaging? This not only draws the eye but the stomach as well, as you catch a glimpse of the crisp-looking cucumbers (conveniently in the mouth of hungry munching monster.)

Taylor Farms Chef Crafted Salads

There is just something about getting a chance to experience an item that you’ve only written about. This creative concept from the innovative kitchen of Taylor Farms, brings the culinary capabilities of a chef to the consumer’s kitchen. And as anyone who has glimpsed my previous picks knows, I’m a sucker for convenience. This item was right up my alley, and I’m sure many consumers will agree.

Suavva's Cacao Fruit Juice Line

New to my eyes and to my taste buds, this was an interesting twist on minimizing food waste while still getting a punch of nutrients. Before PMA Fresh Summit, I loved the cocoa bean for its contribution to my lifelong love of dark chocolate and its cute appearance in the most recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Now, however, I have discovered a new love for the item in a juice that uses almost the entirety of the fruit. It saves on food waste, it’s low in calories, and has a pulpy texture I couldn’t get enough of. This is a juice I hope will soon crack into the California stores.


I can't imagine a more exciting way to close in on 2017, and I can't wait to see what our ever-innovating industry comes up with next in the months to come. See you in New Orleans!

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