Moxxy Marketing Names Cameron Dolan as Business and Accounting Director; Karen Nardozza Shares

Thu. October 28th, 2021 - by Chandler James

MIAMI, FL - There must be a party happening on the East Coast today, as Moxxy Marketing announced the appointment of its newest team member. Expanding its internal operations on the East Coast, the industry ally has named Cameron Dolan as its new Business and Accounting Director.

Cameron Dolan, Business and Accounting Director, Moxxy Marketing"In my last position, I managed a team of 20 onboarding specialists and accountants, overseeing operations for a shared services company responsible for over 800 small and medium-sized businesses," relates Dolan. "The experience demonstrated how hard work, transparency, and consistency make a business successful—all traits exemplified by the Moxxy team."

Dolan grew up in coastal New Jersey and moved to Florida for college, where she earned a bachelor’s in finance from Florida State University, a press release stated. With previous career roles in accounting and operations management, Dolan brings with her a deep breadth of experience to Moxxy.

Karen Nardozza, President and Chief Executive Officer, Moxxy Marketing"Every business owner understands the importance of having strength in operations and behind-the-scenes support," said Karen Nardozza, President and Chief Executive Officer. "Cameron hit the ground running by demonstrating know-how in accounting, HR, and business operations, freeing the rest of the team to focus solely on what we do best: creating great strategic and creative work for our clients."

Nardozza continued, noting how Dolan will bring a unique edge to the Moxxy team.

Moxxy Marketing has named Cameron Dolan as its new Business and Accounting Director

"I knew from the start Cameron has what it takes to be a Moxxer," she added. "She displays grit, initiative, and is able to see beyond an immediate task while maintaining a client-centric approach—all key skills needed to succeed at Moxxy. Cam has earned the trust and respect of her team in just a few months."

Congratulations to Cameron Dolan on joining the Moxxy team!

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