National Watermelon Association's Bob Morrissey Talks Maglio Companies and Watermelon Trends

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Wed. August 26th, 2015 - by Jessica Donnel

LAKELAND, FL - When reading the produce headlines these days, it's hard not to notice Maglio’s proprietary ready-ripe watermelon pouch has the industry talking. Winning the 2015 United Fresh Innovation Award for “Best New Packaging,” and then receiving an endorsement from the National Watermelon Association (NWA) in just a few months time, I had to learn more about Maglio’s innovative packaging from NWA Executive Director Bob Morrissey.

Bob Morrissey, Executive Director, National Watermelon Association“Maglio’s ready-ripe watermelon pouch provides the consumer high-quality sliced watermelon in an attractive, safe, and convenient package,” Bob expressed to me during our interview. “I have heard all about this product gaining acceptance in test markets. This gusset bag presents the watermelon extremely well, and the resealable feature is an option that our industry can benefit from.”

Maglio Companies

Both consumers and retailers alike can find unique benefits from this packaging, and as someone who has worked on the buy-side and from a consumer standpoint, Bob is in a unique place to review Maglio’s product.

“As a former retailer, I can see the benefit of presenting the watermelon front and center. Like some items we’ve seen in the past, the watermelon doesn’t have to be overwrapped the old-fashioned way,” he says. “The gusset bag also gives consumers and retailers both the opportunity for a package that is appealing. Consumers buy with their eyes, and this bag really pops.”

Maglio Companies

Naming Maglio’s ready-ripe watermelon pouch as one of the next big products to add value to the industry, I had to ask, what else would he like to see on the horizon for watermelons?

“We need to continue to invent ways to make eating watermelon fun. Back in the days when you could buy a seeded watermelon, families would love spitting seeds while they were enjoying a slice in the summer,” Bob tells me. “Maglio is going to add to the fun to eating watermelon, and at the same time, increase consumption.” 

Sounds like a win-win if you ask me. For more on new and innovative products in the produce industry, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow.

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