The Nunes Company Gains Competitive Advantage With ZAG Technical Services

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Thu. May 20th, 2021 - by Lilian Diep

HURON, CA & SAN JOSE, CA - The Nunes Company is taking technological advancements by the horns. Recently, the grower and shipper teamed up with IT consulting firm ZAG Technical Services to overhaul its operations, helping to bring ag into the future.

Johnny McGuire, IT Director, The Nunes Company“When it comes to technology, a lot of areas of agriculture are very behind the times, and people care more about new tractors than their IT infrastructure,” said Johnny McGuire, IT Director for The Nunes Company.

With roots stretching back to the 1930s, The Nunes Company has decades of expertise and expansion under its belt. Over the years, the company’s operations embody almost the complete journey from farm to fork—including farming and labor, shipping, cooling and storage, and every step of the supply chain.

The Nunes Company recently teamed up with IT consulting firm ZAG Technical Services to overhaul its operations

With much of The Nunes Company’s business and operations dealt with electronically and online, McGuire discovered that 40 percent of the company’s infrastructure was out of date.

“This exponentially increased the risk of suffering a cybersecurity event that could keep us from doing the two most important things we needed to do electronically: manage our invoicing and shipping,” he said.

In light of these findings, the grower reached out to ZAG for a much-needed update. ZAG provided the tools and services needed for The Nunes Company to become more resilient and secure by optimizing its technology and ensuring that the infrastructure was updated to achieve these goals.

After discovering 40 percent of the company’s infrastructure was out of date, The Nunes Company optimized its technology in order to perform critical functions such as managing invoicing and shipping

“ZAG automated a lot of the difficult tasks we were either doing manually before, or weren’t doing at all,” McGuire said. “Their monitoring service, for example, saves so much time because it ensures our system health is excellent. This frees up our IT team to focus on more strategic priorities.”

According to the release, ZAG added immediate business value by taking on time-consuming and recurring IT tasks, including monitoring, patching users’ workstations, remediating server and network issues, antivirus optimization, and disaster recovery.

In addition, ZAG’s work on disaster recovery has been among the most impactful for The Nunes Company. By utilizing Microsoft Azure instead of investing in an on-premises data center, The Nunes Company saved more than $300,000 in outlay and ongoing operational costs related to maintenance and replacement costs. The grower also benefited from the peace of mind to know it can recover from a disaster or other compromise quickly and with far less impact.

By taking on time-consuming and recurring IT tasks, ZAG added immediate value to The Nunes Company’s portfolio by saving more than $300,000 in outlay and ongoing operational costs

“We have to be vigilant about security because our own analysis showed as many as 52 percent of all log-in attempts are from automated and malicious sources trying to get into our systems,” McGuire said.

Tapping into ZAG’s expertise in the agribusiness sector, The Nunes Company’s IT operation transformed into a necessary asset for a growing company. With 100 percent of the company’s infrastructure upgraded and in-service, system uptime is maximized and the risk of cybercrime to the business is greatly reduced.

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