Oasis Biotech Launches Consumer-Facing Brand Evercress and Opens New Facility

Wed. August 1st, 2018
- by Kayla Webb     

LAS VEGAS, NV - You might not know the name yet, but after this summer, Oasis Biotech will be on everyone’s minds as one of the nation’s largest hydroponic vertical farming facilities. After just setting up shop last year, the company hit the ground running last month, officially launching its consumer-facing brand, Evercress, and opening the doors of its first facility.

Brock Leach, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager, Oasis Biotech“This farming facility has helped us implement, as a company, growing methods that have enabled us to provide local communities and chefs with the highest quality, most nutrient-rich, and environmentally sustainable produce the world has ever seen, while also alleviating hunger in a socially responsible way,” said Chief Operating Officer and General Manager Brock Leach.

After purchasing the building in 2016, the first phase of Oasis Biotech’s 215,000-square-foot vertical farming facility completed this year. The facility features state-of-the-art technology, precise growing methods—including using 90 percent less water than traditional farming, less than one percent of the land, and zero pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides—and a qualified team of experts in order to provide grocery stores, restaurants, and charities with sustainable produce and non-traditional crops year-round. Located just six miles from the Las Vegas strip, the facility will provide its community with over 100 jobs, in addition to fresh produce.

Oasis Biotech is looking to become one of the nation’s largest hydroponic vertical farming facilities

“As the world demands healthier, more environmentally conscious dining options, our vertically farmed produce is the solution that perfectly marries technology with nature. We haven’t changed the way food is farmed—we’ve just made the process more efficient and environmentally sustainable,” Leach explained.

And while Oasis Biotech cares about its immediate community, the company also has the mission to “Feed the World. Better,” which is being carried out through its Evercress brand. Evercress aims to redefine the meaning of fresh produce by offering safe, sustainable, and socially-responsible leafy greens, micro greens, herbs, and more. This goal is further made possible thanks to Oasis Biotech’s partnership with Get Fresh, a southwestern distributor and fresh-cut processor that is helping Oasis Biotech deliver its produce from farm to stores on the same day it is harvested.

Oasis Biotech's partnership with the southwestern distributor Get Fresh will help deliver produce from farm to stores, same day

“When I think about my family, my children’s future, and the world’s dwindling food supply, I know that developing better ways to produce food is critical. Evercress enables us to help us meet our mission of ‘Feeding the World. Better’ while also providing Las Vegas with safe, great-tasting produce,” said Leach.

One to keep your eye on as our industry moves closer to achieving goals like feeding the hungry, sustainability, and streamlined efficiency, Oasis Biotech is already taking its region by storm.

Oasis Biotech