Ocean Mist Farms Commodity Manager John Shaw Talks Brussels Sprouts Market and Promotable Volume

Fri. November 11th, 2016 - by Laura Hillen

CASTROVILLE, CA – With Thanksgiving only a couple weeks away, the industry is ramping up production and tweaking marketing tactics to tap in on holiday-fueled consumer demand. With a variety of Brussels sprout dishes about to complement holiday tables throughout the nation, the market has been flush with a high volume of Brussels sprouts.

John Shaw, Commodity Manager, Ocean Mist Farms

As John Shaw, Commodity Manager at Ocean Mist Farms, recently told me, the company is currently in peak season with its current crop shipping out of Castroville, California. 

“Our quality right now is really excellent,” John says of the company’s selections. “Our domestic regions are on time, and we have plenty of selection available for our customers.”

Ocean Mist Farms will transition to its cooler location in Coachella, California, in early December, as detailed in the video below.

John says that the industry as a whole is experiencing a higher volume of crop than normal, more than the category has seen in some time. This increase in Brussels sprouts has led the market to sit around $18-24 over the past few weeks, which John says is a dip in price compared to previous years.

As consumer demand continues to build over the next few months, John advises that retailers can tap in on heightened Brussels sprouts sales, especially for value-added packaged products that offer increased convenience for a busy season.

“Now is the perfect time to promote Ocean Mist Farms Season & Steam Brussels sprouts,” John elaborates. “These consumer favorites are available as Microwaveable Whole Sprouts, QuickCook® Brussels sprouts halves, and SuperShred®.”

Ocean Mist Farms is able to serve its customers a year-round supply of high-quality Brussels sprouts due to utilization of leading technology, and harvesting techniques such as "topping the plant." Ocean Mist Farms will move into its next region of harvest in Baja California, Mexico, later in 2017. 

As consumers snap up the ready supply of the category, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for all things Brussels sprouts.

Ocean Mist Farms