Ocean Mist® Farms' John Chobanian Discusses Celery Market Insights

Thu. July 8th, 2021 - by Anne Allen

CASTROVILLE, CA - For those of you who don’t yet know the habits of this trade news writer, I’ll clue you in on one of them. I eat celery fairly religiously. A habit picked up from my childhood, this has now become my go-to snack. The incredible rise in the category’s popularity means that I regularly report on the veg that I chow down on most—and that seems like an auspicious blend of my interests.

Clueing me into these insights is none other than John Chobanian, Ocean Mist® Farms’ Commodity Account Manager, who took the time to talk celery market shop.

John Chobanian, Commodity Account Manager, Ocean Mist Farms“The current crop is doing well,” he began. “We’re seeing good color and weights, as well as good conditions. There hasn’t been any weather-related issues all year. Overall, the market has been very flat for the past few months and does not appear to be changing drastically anytime soon.”

Although prices have been very depressed for the past several months, John reported that the market is in a good position to promote this healthy commodity.

Ocean Mist® Farms provided key insights in the celery market as the category shows good color and weights in harvesting

“Ocean Mist Farms is putting only top quality in the carton and has been putting out some very aggressive pricing,” John asserted, meaning that buyers should take note of this opportunity to stock up on these high quality offerings.

Currently, the market is in a good position to promote as the grower only puts top quality in cartons and is pushing competitive pricing for buyers

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