Ocean Mist® Farms Releases New Recyclable Artichoke Packaging

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Mon. October 7th, 2019 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

CASTROVILLE, CA - Before we know it, PMA Fresh Summit will be right around the corner. In fact, it already is! Ready to gear up more excitement, Ocean Mist Farms announced three new organic artichoke packaging options to its Ocean Mist Organic® line.

Diana McClean, Senior Director of Marketing, Ocean Mist Farms“We are pleased to now offer a variety of organic artichoke options for purchase,” said Diana McClean, Senior Director of Marketing. “The new merchandise-ready artichokes are convenient for our retail partners and packed in quantities that shoppers have shared with us that they want to buy. Plus, the packaging material used is both recyclable and made with recycled material.”

According to a press release, Ocean Mist’s organic artichokes will now be offered in a two-count handle bag, three-count clamshell, and two-count ReadyCycle® packaging. The organic artichoke packs will include a size 24 or 30 artichoke, depending on pack style. These mid-sized artichokes are ideal for side dishes, something to keep in mind as we near the holidays. For shoppers looking to add these to their shopping carts, they’ll be available in stores starting November.

Ocean Mist Farms announced three new organic artichoke packaging options to its Ocean Mist Organic® line

For retailers, each pack style offers relevant and sustainable packaging options. Ocean Mist’s clamshell packaging uses 90 percent recycled material, while the new two-count handle bag is made with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the most commonly recycled plastic. The new ReadyCycle® corrugated clamshell is fully recyclable and uses vegetable-based inks.

As shoppers wonder where they can find these newly packaged artichokes, they can use Ocean Mist Farms’ new Destini locator tool found on its website. Each pack also includes a simple preparation recipe and an easily scanned QR code linking to a “how-to” video.

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