Oceanside Pole and Oppy Introduce New Product Offering: Brussels Sprouts

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Thu. March 30th, 2017 - by Robert Schaulis

OCEANSIDE, CA - New product offerings are in the works for Oceanside Pole and its marketing partner Oppy. After 75 years growing exceptional Roma and vine-ripened tomatoes on the same land, Oceanside Pole has taken the plunge with its first-ever foray into product diversification—producing Brussels sprouts during Southern California cool winter months.

Priya Singh, General Manager, Oceanside Pole

“The quality of our Brussels sprouts is looking very good,” noted General Manager Priya Singh. “Brussels sprouts actually like the cold weather. We’ve had a couple freezes, and the cold weather actually improves taste.”

In the relatively hot, arid region, Brussels sprouts are a perfect off-season crop to supplement Oceanside Pole’s line of tomatoes. As winter weather gives way to warmth in the traditionally hot climes of Southern California, the company’s Brussels sprouts have matured and are currently being harvested.

“We’re growing at a time when Northern California has issues producing. We fit a perfect climate and a perfect window to produce them,” Singh states. “And the fact that we’ve been wanting to expand into new products has worked out well for us. We’ll be harvesting from about mid-March to the end of May, and we’re excited about the next five weeks.”

The company’s sprouts are currently available in 25-pound cartons, and should demand arise, Oceanside Pole is able to provide one- or two-pound value-added netted bags. Various point-of-sale materials are available through Oppy—including versions that outline recipe ideas and highlight the company’s heritage. Oppy also offers customizable materials for retail promotions and plans to support the company’s latest offering with online and social media content.

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