Paramount Citrus Expanding Wonderful Halos Label with New Mulholland Citrus Partnership

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Fri. October 17th, 2014 - by Christofer Oberst

DELANO, CA Paramount Citrus, is expanding its Wonderful Halos brand with a new partnership with Mulholland Citrus, the third largest grower and packer of mandarins. Going forward, Paramount Citrus will be acting as the exclusive sales agent for Mulholland Citrus’ mandarins, consolidating the company's volume under Wonderful Halos in order to expand the category.

 David Krause, President of Paramount Citrus (Courtesy of PMA)“We are focused on working with other like-minded quality farmers to grow the overall mandarin category within the citrus industry,” said David Krause, President of Paramount Citrus. “Working closely with the highly experienced citrus growers at Mulholland Citrus is a logical next step to reinforce the transformation of mandarins into one of America’s most popular produce items.”

Tom Mulholland, Owner of Mulholland Citrus“At Mulholland Citrus, we share the same values and a similar vision as Paramount Citrus to expand the market for mandarins and use the power of a well-known brand like Wonderful Halos to reach an ever-increasing number of consumers,” agreed Tom Mulholland, Owner of Mulholland Citrus. “Both of our companies are strongly rooted in California agriculture, and we believe we can help each other give America a healthy alternative as the perfect snack.”

Together with partner Fowler Packaging, Mulholland Citrus is committed to growing and packing quality mandarins for Paramount, helping to maintain the superior taste, quality, freshness and consistency that retailers and consumers alike have come to expect from Wonderful Halos.

With its season lasting from November to April, Wonderful Halos is among the fastest-growing produce brands sold in American supermarkets, according to a press release. Paramount is committed to continuing to grow this booming brand and the mandarine category as a whole, having announced a plan to spend a record $100 million in marketing between 2013 and 2018 to this end.

The company has in fact already invested heavily in marketing and brand awareness-building through an integrated, national campaign intended to market the “pure goodness” of mandarins to the public. Demand has accordingly grown exponentially over the previous few years. Now thanks to its new partnership with Mulholland Citrus, Paramount Citrus will have the expanded supply to meet it.

Congratulations on this exciting new partnership, Paramount Citrus and Mulholland Citrus!

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