Pete's Living Greens Announces Expansion of Organic Living Program and Three New Products

Wed. October 10th, 2018
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

CARPINTERIA, CA - As one of the biggest events for product unveilings draws nearer, Pete’s Living Greens looks to be a booth worth stopping at. The team is celebrating the expansion of its organic living program, welcoming three new additions to the lineup: Organic Red Butter, Organic Spring Mix, and Organic Romaine.

Corrie Hutchens, Senior Director of Marketing, Pete's Living Greens“Sales of organic produce offerings continue to increase and show no signs of slowing down. This growth is driven by consumers who continue to demand organically grown produce, including lettuce,” Marketing Manager Corrie Hutchens tells me. “As such, we are committed to providing consumers with organic versions of our most popular varieties including Organic Red Butter Lettuce, Organic Spring Mix, and Organic Romaine in addition to the Organic Butter Lettuce and Organic Watercress that we already have in our portfolio.”

Pete's Living Greens offers organic versions of their most popular varieties including Organic Red Butter Lettuce, Organic Spring Mix, and Organic Butter Lettuce

Introducing these new offerings at the fast-approaching PMA Fresh Summit, the latest additions to the company’s organic line will be available for both its retail and foodservice customers.

“Given that our organic living green offerings are harvested and sold with their roots still attached, we provide consumers with organic offerings that stay fresher longer than organic fresh-cut green varieties. Not only can consumers feel good about eating something that is organic and fresh, but they can also feel good about helping to reduce food waste,” Corrie explains.

Pete's Living Greens' living greens stay fresher longer than organic fresh-cut green varieties because their roots are still attached

Pete’s Living Greens Organic Spring Mix, Organic Butter Lettuce, Organic Red Butter Lettuce, Organic Romaine, and Organic Watercress are grown in the company’s own Carpinteria/Oxnard, CA, facilities. Additionally, the company now has Organic Green and Red Butter Lettuces growing in Texas and Virginia to better serve East Coast customers.

“Pete’s continues to expand its organic offerings to meet consumer needs,” Corrie adds.

See these exciting products and learn about how they can best serve your organic program, foodservice or retail, at PMA Fresh Summit booth #4064 in Orlando, Florida, Oct 19-20.

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