Prime Time Announces Strategic Alliance with Pacific Gold Farms

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Tue. February 10th, 2015 - by Christofer Oberst

COACHELLA, CA – Prime Time International and Pacific Gold Farms are joining forces this year to grow, pack, and market the Pacific Gold pepper crop in Southern California.

“We have elected to move on from our long term marketing arrangement, which served us so well for many years. We could think of no better marketing team than our friends at Prime Time,” says Peter Orr, President of Pacific Gold Farms.

He added, “Their ability to orderly market significant volumes of peppers all year round make Prime Time our ideal new marketing partner.”

Jeff Taylor, Managing Member, Prime TimeJeff Taylor, Managing Member of Prime Time, agreed. He said, “The Pacific Gold label is one which has continuously produced outstanding quality and carries a terrific reputation in our industry.”

According to a press release, Pacific Gold will continue to grow, harvest, and pack the crop, and Prime Time will then take over the sales and marketing. The peppers will be packed with the Prime Time label and Prime Time’s southern California shipping location will give customers another option, in addition to Prime Time’s new facility in Somis.

The Pacific Gold season consists of field grown red and yellow peppers beginning in mid-July and lasting into November. The growing region is staggered over several hundred acres in Southern California.

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