Prime Time International's Eric Meyer Offers Exclusive Insights Into Current Bell Pepper Market

Thu. January 27th, 2022 - by Peggy Packer

COACHELLA, CA - Listen closely—can you hear the bells? If not, it’s probably because only metaphorical bells are ringing throughout my home office as I spark up a conversation with Prime Time International's Eric Meyer, Sales Manager of the company’s Nogales office, to get a break down of the current bell pepper market.

Eric Meyer, Sales Manager, Nogales, Prime Time International“Our bell pepper season at Prime Time is year-round, along with sweet mini peppers and asparagus,” Eric begins. “In regards to our current west Mexico season, we are about halfway into our Nogales deal. Quality to date has been exceptional, and crop yields have been significant as we have enjoyed fine pepper growing conditions.”

The colorful category has continued to see steady demand overall, with some spikes sending surges to the produce department.

With a year-round bell pepper season, Prime Time International brings exceptional quality and significant crop yields during its current west Mexico season

“Demand has remained steady on the pepper front, typical for this time in the winter season. Terrific crop yields and production coupled with truck shortages have led to some gluts in the market, but any interruption on the supply-side has led to some spikes in demand,” Eric notes.

To maximize this steady demand in terms of shopper dollars, Prime Time is reporting promotable volumes, wielding a vast lineup of pepper products to help buyers boost category success.

Steady demand and promotable volumes are seen across Prime Time International's vast lineup of pepper products, including quality-colored greenhouse peppers, red and green field-grown peppers, as well as sweet mini peppers

“At this time, we have steady, promotable volumes on quality-colored greenhouse peppers, red and green field-grown peppers, as well as sweet mini peppers,” Eric states. “Aside from our standard packs on greenhouse and field-grown peppers, we offer an array of specialty packs, display-ready packs, bagged and sleeved peppers, all retail-ready in the Prime Time brand.”

Buyers, you can easily turn those metaphorical bells into real-life register rings with a high-quality lineup like that of Prime Time International.

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