Produce For Kids Launches Second Annual Holiday Meal Drive Supporting Feeding America

Wed. November 8th, 2017 - by Robert Schaulis

ORLANDO, FL - The holidays always have a way of reminding us of all the different reasons to be thankful and all the different ways we can help others. This holiday season, Feeding America’s® disaster relief efforts will gain a helping hand from Produce for Kids, who will be donating one meal for every share of its Holiday Meal Drive post and gained fan of the Produce for Kids page.

Trish James, Vice President, Produce for Kids

“After the success of our first Holiday Meal Drive last year, we knew it only made sense to launch the holiday-centric campaign again in 2017,” said Trish James, Vice President, in a recent press release. “Knowing people affected by recent disasters are still rebuilding and are still in need, we made the decision to donate directly to these relief efforts.”  

This is the second annual Holiday Meal Drive, after last year’s efforts secured 15,223 meals for families in need through Feeding America. Produce for Kids has created a social media campaign, dedicated e-newsletters, blog posts, and more to raise awareness. Produce for Kids is not the only organization joining in on these efforts; alongside bloggers who will be encouraging families to complete a random act of kindness during the holiday season, the organization will be partnering with volunteers at local Feeding America food banks for Giving Tuesday.

Produce For Kids Launches Second Annual Holiday Meal Drive Supporting Feeding America

“During the holidays, we see messaging everywhere about giving back to people in need. With the Holiday Meal Drive, we’ve made it easy for individuals to do just that,” continued James. “With one click, they can provide a meal to someone who has been affected by recent natural disasters.”

Because of Produce for Kids’ substantial philanthropic investments throughout the 2016-2017 fiscal year, it was named a Feeding America Mission Partner. Not only is it generously supporting Feeding America’s goals, but Produce for Kids has provided over 7 million meals for families in need throughout Feeding America’s 200 foodbank network and has the expectation to assist with 5.5 million meals over the next two years.

After the hurricane season and the California wildfires left complete devastation in their wakes, many towns are continuing to see the lasting effects. The meals raised throughout the Holiday Meal Drive will help those affected by the recent hurricanes and wildfires, including areas in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and California.

Produce For Kids Launches Second Annual Holiday Meal Drive Supporting Feeding America

The organization's long-standing online and in-store programs have been helping people and charities, such as Feeding America, for 15 years with over $6 million in donations to help families and children.

‘Tis the season to help those in need of a better holiday and life. We’re glad to see Produce for Kids is embracing the holiday spirit and making life and meal-time easier and brighter this year.

Produce for Kids