Progressive Produce Reports on Brussels Sprouts Program

Fri. February 19th, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

LOS ANGELES, CA - The older I get the more I have come to realize that Brussels sprouts are not only nutritious, but delicious, and everything society told me about them was wrong. It seems as though consumers are having the same realization, as shopper trends are showing an increase in popularity for the cruciferous veg. Progressive Produce is riding the changing tide and is using this key time to promote its Brussels sprouts crop.

Cory Stahl, Vice President of Sales, Progressive Produce“Our spring crop from Mexico is just underway, and the quality is excellent,” says Cory Stahl, Vice President of Sales. “Retailers can promote early and often through the winter and spring. While it’s cold, home chefs can cook in the oven or on a skillet. As the weather warms, Brussels sprouts transition nicely to the BBQ.”

Starting this month, Progressive will begin promoting Brussels sprouts recipes and the many health benefits of the category on social media to help younger generations, families, and kids see just how beneficial the vegetable is.

Consumers everywhere are already starting to see the light when it comes to the misunderstood veg, as recent data has shown an increase in purchases across the category for the seventh consecutive year, according to a press release. The same data also shows that Brussels sprouts are most popular amongst shoppers that are older, as those over the age of 59 were among the most likely to purchase the vegetable, and families that do not have children.

Starting this month, Progressive Produce will begin promoting Brussels sprouts recipes and the many health benefits of the category on social media

Progressive Produce doesn’t see these statistics as a hurdle, but more as a challenge to sway the millennial demographic and get them to see the possibility when it comes to Brussels sprouts. Low in calories; full of health benefits; and rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins K and C, the veg is perfect for promotion on social media, especially as consumers are looking for more nutritious products to add to their diets.

Oscar Guzman, Director of Marketing and Sales, Progressive Produce"Thanks to creative chefs, online and at home, Brussels sprouts versatility and adaptability to any dish has been getting the attention it deserves,” said Oscar Guzman, Director of Marketing and Sales.

The company currently carries conventional Brussels sprouts year-round and organic Brussels sprouts seasonally. Progressive offers its product packed in bulk 25 lb boxes as well as in bags in a variety of styles and sizes.

Are we finally seeing the change from Brussels sprouts skepticism to Brussels sprouts devotion? Because I know I’m on board.

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