A Q&A with Orangeline Farms Mascot #bigZing

Wed. December 28th, 2016
- by Laura Hillen     

LEAMINGTON, ON – When considering the inner workings of a boutique specialty grower there are many methods and facets which culminate into the high-quality offerings with which we become familiar. However, I decided to try a new tactic to connect even deeper with Orangline Farms™ and its Zing! Healthy Foods™ brand. I recently stole a moment out of the #bigZing, the Zing! mascot’s, busy schedule to talk industry shop and quirky preferences.

#BigZing in Toronto

In addition to being the self-proclaimed face and personality of the Zing! Healthy Foods™ operations, #bigZing is a well-documented traveler whose already put a good span of North America under his veggie belt, from Toronto to Chicago. Check out the hashtag #bigZing for a glimpse of his impact.

So what else does this giant pepper have to say? Find out below as we discuss a range of topics, some of which may surprise you:

Q: What do you think about the current state of the industry?

#bZ: I think now more than ever we are seeing a movement towards healthier eating, it’s not just a trend. Consumers are more informed and as a grower, being transparent about our farming techniques is the way to go. I’m really inspired by the Urban Greenhouses that are popping up inside the education system. It’s beneficial and amaZing!

#BigZing in Chicago

Q: Who do you think the big influencers of today are, Pumpkin and Kale perhaps?

#bZ: Hahahaha, yes they are… I often get mistaken for a giant pumpkin, we’re both orange so I can see how that could happen. These talked about veggies may seem to have a corner on the trend market, but word has it that Runner Beans are seeing resurgence. Okay, that may just be a rumor I’m starting but trends aren’t just dependent on taste, but accessibility and versatility as well.

Q: If you weren’t a vegetable, what would you be?

#bZ: A bicycle, that way I could just ride. Bicycles are used at our farm and they look fun. I would of course attach a hockey card to the back spokes… I am Canadian, after all.

Q: What do you think about organic?

#bZ: Sometimes it feels like it might be easier to discuss politics (#bigZing chuckles). Organics or not, if at the end of the day people are eating more veg, than we are all winning.


Q: What else do you think our readers are dying to know?

#bZ: Well there was that incident in Chicago… but aside from that, I guess it would be my physical attributes. Some have often wondered if I’m really just a giant balloon. I can assure you that I’m real, approximately 35 pounds, and around 3’ x 4’ tall. Getting around indoors is limited, as I do not fit through standard doors, so I tend to be an outside type person. But on the inside… I’m made of sunshine and happiness…of course.

From the mouth of the pepper himself, there you have it. As Zing! Healthy Foods™ continues to push creative and healthy options into the baskets and hearts of consumers, keep an eye on their strawberry, sweet & spicy peppers, and Runner Bean offerings and marketing campaigns for further innovations.

Where will #bigZing lead Zing! Healthy Foods™ next? Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow to find out.

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