Rainier Fruit Company's Blaine Markley Discusses Cherry Season Sales Boom

Tue. May 26th, 2020 - by Anne Allen

SELAH, WA - Cherries signal the beginning of summer—there is truly (for me, at least) no other fruit that thrills the palate the way cherries do. Consumers have a similar obsession, if we can go off of basket rings alone. To learn more about how the beginning of summer’s cherry season positions retailers for a sales boom, I spoke with Blaine Markley, Rainier Fruit Company’s Director of Domestic Sales.

Blaine Markley, Director of Domestic Sales, Rainier Fruit Company"Despite a shift in consumer shopping behavior cherries are still a season favorite consumers seek out," she began, "and in this currently chaotic 'norm,' cherries bring on a sense of normalcy to the table—whether it be to have a healthy snacking option or simply because they have more time on their hands to experiment with new recipes. It can’t be understated how important cherries are to summer produce sales.”

Rainier referenced category data that shows that typical cherry buyers spend $28 more per grocery trip than non-buyers and $42 more per trip when they purchase Rainier variety cherries. This trend continues throughout the entirety of the cherry season as consumers hang onto the flavors of summer.

According to Rainier Fruit Company, cherries continue to be a consumer seasonal favorite despite a recent shift in shopping behavior

"With changing shopping behaviors, we know that more consumers are shopping online and retailers will need to leverage their digital platforms to help trigger those impulse purchases and incentivize the online shoppers,” Blaine urged. “Despite the growth of online shopping during the past two months, many states around the U.S. are beginning to reopen and consumers are getting into a normal routine that include heading back to the store. Take this opportunity to maximize in-store displays and seasonal flavor of cherries because consumers are ready for some shiny bright spots in their day-to-day experiences.”

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