Reusable Packaging Association Announces New Board Leadership for 2019

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Fri. February 1st, 2019 - by Kayla Webb

TAMPA, FL - The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) is shaking up its Board of Directors with new additions and leaders. Current Chairman of the Board Norman Kukuk is handing the gavel to 2018 Vice Chairman Rick Sasse, TriEnda Holdings’ Director of Customer Transport Packaging. Tosca’s Chief Operations Officer Michael Wasson will take Sasse’s place as Vice Chairman.

Rick Sasse, Vice Chairman, Reusable Packaging Association“RPA and its members are grateful for Norm Kukuk’s leadership and service to the industry,” said Chairman Sasse. “Today the word ‘reuse’ is being used regularly around the world to identify better packaging solutions for waste prevention and environmental sustainability. Thanks to industry leaders like Norm and our member companies, RPA is in a great position to promote reuse and the advantages of a reusable system when it comes to transport packaging and distribution of products across the supply chain.”

Sasse began his term as Chairman of the Board at the Annual Board meeting in early January. The meeting also witnessed Paxxal’s Chief Executive Officer Ben Stoller taking on the role of Secretary-Treasurer.

“Adding the depth of talent and experience from Mike and Ben to the executive positions will keep a strong management team in place and no doubt contribute to even greater impact by the RPA, both on the industry and on behalf of association members,” Sasse said.

RPA is in a great position to promote reuse and the advantages of a reusable system

According to a press release, the annual RPA election also resulted in the addition of seven Board members starting a two-year term from 2019-2020. The newly-elected Directors include the following:

  • Patrick Garin, President, CABKA North America
  • Michael Chiado, President Americas, Georg Utz Inc.
  • Tammy Wortham, Director of Retail, IFCO Systems
  • Scott Starbuck, Packaging Sales Manager, Inteplast Group
  • Samantha Goetz, Marketing Communications Manager, ORBIS Corporation
  • Andy Schumacher, Vice President Packaging Group, Schaefer Systems
  • Bob Albright, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Schoeller Allibert

2019 will also see the following industry leaders complete their second term:

  • Travis Blumhorst, Logistics Specialist, Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Morten Bielefeldt, Senior Vice President Sales & Service, Brüel Systems
  • Brandon D’Emidio, Director Marketing & Product Management, CHEP
  • John McCurdy, Vice President Commercial Development, DS Smith
  • Paul Pederson, Senior Vice President Food Safety, Marketing & Business Development, Polymer Logistics
  • Holly Maher, Director Emerging Markets, Rehrig Pacific Company
  • Kevin Mazula, Chief Executive Officer, RM2

Tim Debus, President and CEO, Reusable Packaging Association“The reusable packaging industry is fortunate to have this high-caliber, well-diversified Board to lead its trade association in representing the broad interests and common objectives of member companies across the whole cycle of reuse,” RPA President & CEO Tim Debus added. “RPA is set to expand our advocacy for reuse in 2019 thanks to the leadership of our Board and participation from our members.”

At the meeting, Chairman Sasse also looked ahead to the New Year, placing emphasis on the important role RPA plays in our industry and beyond. According to Sasse, RPA is a valuable resource thanks to the association’s emphasis on evaluating transport packaging options.

“Reusable packaging is today’s way to move products, offering both savings and sales optimization opportunities across the supply chain. One of my primary initiatives as Chairman is to ensure that the RPA continues to be the recognized, go-to resource for reusable packaging expertise and support for market adoption and performance of reusable systems,” Sasse concluded.

Congratulations to the Reusable Packaging Association’s new board additions! For more news like this, AndNowUKnow will continue to report.

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