RSM's Chris Jones Discusses Helping the Industry Keep up With Food Safety, Technology, and More

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Fri. July 19th, 2019 - by Kayla Webb

CHICAGO, IL - As our industry continues to change, companies like RSM US LLP (RSM) are making sure that this change is implemented easily and breezily for every member of the supply chain. In a way, RSM is the industry’s friendly neighborhood produce-man, a helper of any kind—from technology and modernization to food safety and logistics—and an ally of sorts intent on ensuring the industry is keeping up with its own evolution.

With access to professionals in more than 100 countries worldwide, and with nearly 90 offices across the U.S. and four locations in Canada, RSM carries more tools on its belt than almost any other company in the game. I tapped Chris Jones, Principal with RSM, to find out more about this jack-of-all-trades solutions provider that’s long been supporting the produce industry.

Chris Jones, Principal, RSM“If you look at traditional solution providers, none of them offers very specific solutions that address the unique needs of specialized industries, like the produce industry. RSM, however, makes a concentrated effort to customize and tailor our solutions to meet these unique needs. Whatever a company’s goal, whether it be getting to the next level or having a presence on the marketplace, we help companies reinvest in technology solutions so they can achieve their goals,” Chris explained to me.

RSM considers itself an ally to the industry and is working toward modernizing both food safety and logistics

While many solution providers are experts in their respective fields, RSM makes a point to work in the produce industry, not just with the produce industry. This has led the company to adopt the ins and outs of our industry into its repertoire of insights and experience.

“We’re actually involved in the industry. We’re not just out there creating solutions. We sit on boards for United Fresh and PMA and councils for safety and technology. We participate, co-sponsor, and speak at conferences and involve ourselves as much as we can,” Chris noted.

RSM makes a point to work in the produce industry, not just with the produce industry

Specifically, RSM helps companies buy, store, track, and sell products efficiently and in the context of what’s happening in the industry. Currently, this means food safety and the tangled web that it is.

“We work with companies big and small, helping them meet the standards of the largest players in the industry. Often times, many organizations do not have the back-office systems, processes, or people to support the ever-changing initiatives required of the produce industry—which is where we come in,” Chris continued. “We meet companies where they are, and work with them to get them to the level of full-scale systems in compliance with industry standards.”

If RSM’s business card isn’t in your wallet (so that you can pull it out when need be), I highly recommend tapping this extremely knowledgeable resource, and fast!

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