Shanley Farms and Sandstone Melon Company Reflect on Summer Promotions

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Tue. September 30th, 2014 - by Kyle Braver

YUMA, AZ - Shanley Farms and Sandstone Melon Company are reflecting back on their hugely successful cross promotion display contest last summer. From August 4th to August 17th, the two companies paired the flavors of the Sandstone's sweet and juicy Kiss Melons with Shanley Farms' new Citriburst Finger Limes in order to increase product awareness with consumers and expand partnerships with retailers.

Megan Shanley Warren, Director of Marketing and Sales“I’m always looking for ways to help consumers learn about Citriburst Finger Limes and how to use them. Tying in with Sandstone’s Kiss Melons allowed us to provide consumers with new ideas for using both our products,” shared Megan Shanley Warren, Director of Marketing and Sales for Shanley Farms.

Patrinka Crammond, Retail Program Director with Sandstone Melon Company, agreed saying, “We have strong relationships with our customers. They were great partners for this cross promotion, all embracing the concept and following through with it at store level.”

1st Place Winner

Reflecting on the display contest, Joe Watson, Director of Produce for Rouses Supermarkets, recalls, “Rouses is always on the lookout for produce items that stand out in their respective categories. We have participated in the Kiss Melon program for the past 4 years, and let me say, our customers are on lookout for the Kiss Melons when they are in season...The response was wonderful, and sales of Kiss Melons and Citriburst were greater than we even expected. It is proof that quality and flavor sells.”

Jeff Fairchild of New Seasons Markets agreed, adding, “Hats off to [the Kiss Melon] growers who look for the eating experience above all else. Combine that with Shanley Farms' Citriburst Finger Limes that bring out the best in such a wonderful playful way and you have a winning combination!”

2nd Place Winner

According to a press release, Chef Daniel from the Local Tap House in Oceanside, CA used the two offerings to create a delicious sweet summer salad. Display boards with attached recipe cards were distributed to each participating store to utilize in the promotion. Pictures of displays were then submitted, judged, and cash prizes were announced. Judging criteria was based on appearance of the display through the use of Kiss melons, Citriburst and POS materials.

3rd Place Winner

Sandstone shares that its Fall Miss Melon Fall offerings will be headed by the newest addition to the product line, Autumn Kiss, in addition to the year-round favorite, Summer Kiss variety.

Shanley Farms projects to have Citriburst Finger Lime volume through the winter holidays and until January. It will be shipping Gator Eggs year round. Check out Shanley at PMA Fresh Summit at Booth #2887!

Congratulations on the summer successes, Shanley Farms and Sandstone Melon Company!

Shanley Farms

Sandstone Melon Company