Shuman Farms to Sponsor College Athletics in the State of Georgia; John Shuman Comments

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Thu. August 24th, 2023 - by Chandler James

REIDSVILLE, GA - Nothing says Georgia like sweet onions and college sports. The two have long gone hand in hand, and a new sponsorship by Shuman Farms makes the connection that much stronger. The onion provider recently announced its sponsorship of the University of Georgia (UGA) and Georgia Southern University (GSU) athletic programs.

John Shuman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Shuman Farms“Being named the Official Sweet Onion for both the University of Georgia and Georgia Southern University athletic programs is a tremendous honor for Shuman Farms,” said John Shuman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “As a family-owned business with deep roots in Georgia, we are thrilled to support these two universities that contribute so much to the southeastern United States. It is important for us to drive education to the next generation of shoppers about healthy eating while promoting sweet onions as an essential ingredient, especially on game day.”

Whether it’s crispy fried onion rings at a tailgate, toppings on burgers and hot dogs from the concession stand, or as an ingredient in dips and appetizers, sweet onions are widely considered an MVP of game time spreads.

As the Official Sweet Onion Grower for UGA and GSU, Shuman Farms will provide a range of promotional activities and engagement opportunities for students, alumni, and fans. Sweet onion-centric recipes and cooking demonstrations will also be featured during events on campus. Shuman is looking forward to these opportunities to interact with fellow fans of both athletic programs, share more about sustainable agriculture operations in Georgia and beyond, and inspire the consumption of fresh produce.

Shuman Farms will be a new sponsor of the University of Georgia and Georgia Southern University athletic programs

In addition to the sponsorships at each university, Shuman Farms will also be partnering with Ladd McConkey, wide receiver at UGA; Khaleb Hood, wide receiver at GSU; and Davis Brin, quarterback at GSU, a press release explained.

“All three players have shown that grit, determination, and hard work are key ingredients to reaching your goals,” Shuman continued. “We’re looking forward to partnering with these players this season to help us spread the word about Shuman Farms' sweet onions. It should be an exciting football season for both teams, and we are thrilled to be working with them.”

Cheers to these produce-centric partnerships!

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