Side Delights® Highlights "The Ultimate Comfort Food" with New Video Series

Wed. August 8th, 2018
- by Robert Schaulis     

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - By introducing a new video series that tells the story of the brand’s portfolio of potato products from “soil to shelf,” Side Delights® is celebrating the ultimate comfort food and offering retailers an in-store tool to excite shoppers and rekindle “foodie” memories.

Kathleen Triou, President & CEO, Fresh Solutions Network

“Food is an experience—it stimulates the senses—and creates memories that last lifetimes,” said Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network® (FSN). “We created these videos to remind retailers and shoppers that potatoes are more than performance food; they are therapeutic and soothing—crave-worthy and a healthy comfort food.”

According to FSN’s press release, foods that provide a nostalgic or sentimental value and are generally associated with simple preparation are leading the pack in terms of popular appeal. A recent study of 2018 food trends was topped by comfort foods, the company noted, and an article referencing said study shared, “changing economic, political and social factors will drive consumers to choose nostalgic and comfort foods.”

With their two new “potato passion” videos, the partners of the FSN and Side Delights brand of fresh potatoes are reminding consumers of the ease and comfort of potatoes.

Side Delights’ new video tells the story of the simplicity of potatoes and beckons viewers back to their childhood. The video reminds shoppers that America’s favorite side dish can be the foundation of a fantastic meal and can turn a steak into dinner or grilled food into a picnic, and bring a family together.

Additionally, FSN has produced a trade-focused video that tells the story of the company’s approach to farming. The video follows FSN’s farmers’ journeys to produce and provide the best potatoes to shoppers who want quality products and care about how and where they are produced. The company noted that FSN farmers own, protect, and sustain the land and grow and pack their own potatoes.

The video series will be featured on Facebook, Instagram, and, and are currently featured on FSN’s YouTube Channel.

Both videos are available to retailers to feature in-store and get shoppers excited about purchasing potatoes by reminding them of their own “foodie” memories.

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